Frequently Asked Questions

We want your sailing experience to be as pleasurable and stress-free as possible. So, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

What licenses are required for bareboat charter?

For bareboat in Croatia, the skipper should possess a license for operating a pleasure craft, issued by the state authority of the country that you are coming from. A valid VHF license is also required. Licenses from almost all European countries are accepted in Croatia. To check if you have a valid license, please download the list of valid licenses issued by Croatian Ministry of Sea.

What is the FLEXPLAN?

We understand that times are still uncertain, so our FLEXPLAN is a service that gives you more freedom, flexibility and peace of mind for your yacht charter booking. FLEXPLAN allows you to cancel or rebook your charter up to 30 days before your charter with no strict reason required. You can reschedule your holiday at no cost for an unlimited number of times, or use a credit note if you are unsure of new charter dates. With FLEXPLAN your rebooking costs are eliminated, while cancellation costs (WITH refund option) are reduced to a minimum. This FLEXPLAN also includes free cancellation and FULL refund, in the case of closed state borders within 7 days before embarkation. The FLEXPLAN costs 10% of the final charter price, and can be added to a booking up to 72 hours after booking confirmation. Note: it is not available for bookings confirmed within 30 days before embarkation. See our full FLEXPLAN conditions here.

When chartering, can we sail outside Croatian territorial waters?

Chartering outside Croatian territorial waters is generally not allowed. However, some routes can be arranged – i.e., crossing to Montenegro from our Dubrovnik base, or Italy from our Biograd or Kaštela base. We just need to know in advance if you are planning such a route because not all of our yachts have international permits, and we need time to prepare all of the necessary documents for you. When crossing any borders, remember that you are obliged to report to the Croatian custom office, and to the office of the country you are entering. The customs office is usually in the harbour master’s office – be sure to visit the nearest customs as soon as cross the border.

Are there any special rules for participating in a regatta?

Chartering a boat for a regatta is a standard option in our offer. You can choose one of our boats to join a regatta or you can organise your own regatta with our Hanse 458 and Hanse 418 mono-fleet. Keep in mind that some extra costs will arise from this arrangement. A double deposit is usually requested for security reasons. An additional 20% of the standard charter fee is also charged as a regatta fee.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is the amount you are liable for if any damage to the yacht occurs as a consequence of mishandling the yacht during charter. The security deposit is left at the base (cash or card authorisation) during your check-in procedure. The security deposit will be refunded in full unless damage has occurred to the yacht. Note that the security deposit is the maximum amount you can be charged. Everything that exceeds this amount will be covered by the insurance company. If a theft occurs during your yacht charter – i.e., the dingy or any boat equipment, please be sure to report it immediately to the nearest police station.

Is it possible to buy additional insurance to cover all potential damages?

The damage waiver (additional insurance of the security deposit that practically covers all the damages) can be bought in all our marina offices at embarkation. The cost is 7% of the security deposit and it covers all damages exceeding 100 EUR. Please note that gross negligence examples like blocked toilets, loss of equipment or refuelling, are not covered by the deposit insurance.

Do I need a license for diving?

Diving in Adriatic is forbidden without a valid license. You need to have a valid diver’s card issued by the Croatian Diving Federation. This license can be obtained if you have a valid diver’s brevet that was issued by an international diving association (IDD, UDI, CMAS, MDEA, PADI…).

Do I need a fishing license?

A valid fishing license is required if you wish to fish. The license can easily be obtained in fishing clubs that are authorised to issue licenses to foreign citizens, or simply visit this website. Please note that fishing in National Parks like Mljet or Kornati is forbidden. When you receive your license, you will also receive a list of prohibited zones for fishing, and a list of accepted fishing equipment.

What is the cost of marinas and harbours?

Mooring fees vary from marina to marina. Mooring costs also depend on the location, popularity of the marina, and size of the boat; for example, the mooring fee for a catamaran is usually double the cost of the mooring fee for a mono-hull of the same size. Average costs for a 43 ft boat are approximately 50 – 70 EUR per day. If you already have a sailing route in mind, you can check the prices online. Of course, there are always areas with free anchorages or free mooring at a jetty (if you dine in their restaurant). Click here for more information about marinas in Croatia.

Can I book a berth in a marina in advance?

Yes. Booking a berth online is possible in advance with the my-sea application, you will receive this code when you charter one of our yachts. Be aware that all marinas have different booking conditions. Also, note that our yachts have an annual berth in their ‘home base’, so when staying in the boat’s home base, your stay in the marina is free of charge.

Can I pay in euros in Croatia?

The National currency in Croatia is the kuna (HRK). Although Croatia is part of the EU, and some places will accept euro, know that in most cases, the Croatian kuna is the only accepted currency. However, don’t worry about needing to carry lots of cash with you, as ATMs are available almost everywhere.

Where can I get the weather forecast?

The weather forecast can be obtained in any marina reception. Of course, you can always call the base or listen to the weather forecast on the radio and VHF, as they are broadcasted frequently, especially during the summer season. There are also plenty of online options, is a great source for weather and wind reports.

Can I take electrical devices on board?

Yes, you can bring electrical devices on board but there are a few things to know:

  • Croatia uses the standard European 2-point plug – so you may need to buy an adapter.
  • All Croatia Yachting boats are equipped with power inverters that provide a 220V current at all times. However, keep usage of devices to a minimum when sailing, so the system is not overwhelmed.
  • 220 V electricity is also available when connected to shore power in marinas or if you have a generator on board.
  • Be rational when using devices, unplug anything that isn’t necessary, use or charge your devices more frequently when connected to shore power.
Can mobile phone chargers be used on board?

Yes, phone chargers can be used on board with the standard 220 V plug – just be sure you have the necessary adapters. 220 V is available on all Croatia Yachting boats through inverters, with a generator or when connected to shore power. You can also connect your phone to the cigarette lighter on board (using a car phone adapter).

Is mobile phone signal available in all sailing areas?

Most of the Croatian coast and sea is covered with mobile phone signal. Naturally, in some small bays or remote locations, there may be no signal, but this is rare.

What is included in the charter fee?

The charter price includes the vessel rental, all navigation and safety equipment, dinghy, and bed linen. The obligatory payment required at check-in, is for the transit log or charter pack, tourist tax, and any extra equipment (if not already paid in advance). Outboard engine, gennaker, spinnaker, snorkelling equipment and other water toys are optional services that are not included in the charter fee, but can be arranged upon request (best to request in advance to make your check-in procedure easier).

Are towels included in the charter fee?

Towel are included in the transit log; each person on board will be provided with one set of bathroom towels. Extra sets can be arranged with a surcharge. Beach towels are not included as part of the towel set, we recommend bringing them with you.

When is check-in and check-out?

Embarkation is Saturday afternoon from 5 pm. This is because we need time to prepare the boat for charter, cleaning, checking the boat and equipment, etc. However, you can request an early check-in (in advance at a surcharge), or if the boat is ready earlier, where possible, we may allow early embarkation.

Check-out is Saturday morning by 9 am. However, we require that all yachts return to the base marina (where you started your sailing adventure) by Friday 6 pm. Our technician will check the boat Friday afternoon to ensure everything is ok, and you are still free to stay aboard until disembarkation on Saturday morning.

Is it possible to charter the boat for a short-term period?

Charter is always weekly, from Saturday to Saturday. Exceptions to this rule can be made, but only during off season or as a last-minute option. For more details on daily offers please contact our booking department via email .

Do I have to provide food for the skipper?

The provisioning is not included in the price for the skipper’s services, meaning that you have to provide food for the skipper whether you are dining at a restaurant or on board. The skippers do not abuse this custom and in most cases, these arrangements run very smoothly.

We have small children – can we take them on board and what can we do for their safety?

Yes! We love that families go sailing. Of course, some precautions need to be taken and considerations made when sailing with children. If you charter a motorboat, we recommend booking a motorboat with a flybridge option. If you charter a sailing yacht, we recommend a catamaran – as they are more spacious and stable, compared to mono-hulls. Children should always be wearing lifejackets. As an extra safety precaution for your littlest sailors, safety nets and lifebelts can be arranged – just note that these are charged extra and need to be arranged in advance. Read our full blog Sailing with Kids – Tips and Tricks to learn more.

Do we need to tip the skipper/hostess/chef?

It is customary and expected to tip your yacht crew. The standard gratuity is usually 5 – 15% of the charter cost. Our professional crew members are there for you every step of your holiday; they work hard and will do their best to ensure you have a memorable sailing experience. Gratuity is a way to say “thank you for taking care of us”. Remember to include this cost in your budget calculations – you can also read our blog Budgeting for Your Sailing Holiday for more information.

What is your COVID-19 Policy?

If you are unable to start your charter, we will provide a credit note (so you can reschedule your yacht charter) ONLY in cases when the following occurs:

  • If Croatian state borders are closed
  • If the state border of your country of residence is closed
  • If quarantine for a minimum of 7 days (without testing) is required upon your return to your country of residence

The credit note is equal to the amount of payment already received by us, and is valid for future charter on yachts in our fleet, within 12 months from the date of cancellation. This credit note can only be claimed for the reasons stated above, announced within 7 days before embarkation.

How do we do Provisioning?

All of our base marinas have large supermarkets available within walking distance of the marina, making it easy to do your initial provisioning. However, if you want to save time and hassle, check Jam Yacht Supply who can deliver straight to your yacht!

Can we park our car at the marina?

Parking is available in all of our base marinas. ACI Dubrovnik and marina Kastela, can easily accommodate all parking inquiries throughout the year, while Marina Kornati has limited space during the peak season. Our team will be happy to help you with advice and information about parking. The parking fee is slightly different in every marina, but on average, our base marina weekly parking costs are between 50 – 56 EUR (400 HRK).

What payment methods are accepted?

In general, we accept bank transfer payment, as well as payment by all major credit cards. Note: some payments are required during check-in (tourist tax etc.), this is required in cash (local currency HRK). However, don’t stress, once the booking is confirmed, you will receive all necessary payment instructions from our booking department.

What if I want to cancel my charter?

Cancellation fees are calculated according to the date of cancellation. Here is a breakdown:

  • 25% of the contracted price, if the charter is cancelled 61 days before embarkation.
  • 50% of the contracted price, if the charter is cancelled between 60 – 31 days before embarkation
  • 100% of the contracted price if the charter is cancelled within 30 days before of the embarkation date

If the cancellation is due to serious reasons (death of a family member, serious injury, war or any other exceptional circumstance), the received deposit will not be refunded but the boat charter can be rescheduled for another time slot during the same season. Read more about our charter conditions and cancellation policies here.

We hope this helps answer some of your questions, for more information, visit our website or contact our team. We look forward to welcoming you this season!

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