Let's start with some basics

Owning a yacht often seems like a big commitment, not only in financial terms. You must arrange for the berth, regular maintenance and check-ups while you also have to spend time getting the yacht ready for your holiday every time you want to use it. If you would like to own a yacht without worrying about anything, or if you are not sure you could finance it, maintain it or you do not have enough available time to use it as much as you would like to, our Yachting World charter management is something that you should seriously consider.

The Yachting World Charter Management program is essentially our range of services that ensure our care of your yacht and its charter guests, making sure that your yacht reaches its charter income potential and retains as much value as possible over the years. This program is designed to provide you with the easiest way to owning your own yacht by financing the yacht’s purchase, its maintenance and running costs out of charter income. In certain charter management models you can make considerable profit and view your yacht purchase as an investment.

With all this in mind, charter management makes yacht ownership a breeze as you get to spend your holidays on a yacht that is ready to sail any time you decide to use it while you do not have to worry about the berth, maintenance, insurance or cleaning.

We are the exclusive authorized dealer for Bali Catamarans, Hanse, Dehler, Sealine, Fjord and Ryck  yachts for Croatia and an award-winning charter company with our head office in Split and our charter bases in Marina Kaštela, ACI marina Dubrovnik and Marina Kornati in Biograd na Moru where we maintain and manage a fleet with over 120 yachts. We will take you through the entire process of buying the yacht and placing it in our fleet, providing all legal support and documentation and establishing a company for you if needed.

Multiple awards as Hanse dealer of the year 2019, Best charter company in 2017 and a special recognition for developing the best charter quality management system in 2018 speak for us as do our charter management clients that are willing to be contacted as a reference.

You can think of us as a one-stop-shop when it comes to charter management.

Key benefits of charter management

  • worry free ownership
  • possibility of lower initial investment
  • all yacht ownership costs are covered
  • the yacht is always ready for your holiday
  • high maintenance standards ensure best resale value for your yacht
  • special purchase conditions for your yacht
  • easy sale or trade in with our brokerage support

You will fall in love with this sailing area

Once you enter our Yachting World Charter Management program, your yacht will be based on the Croatian coast, in one of our charter bases.

The Croatian coastline is unique with its 1185 islands and islets and offers fascinating places to discover. You can be a fan of ancient ruins, peaceful bays with crystal clear water to swim in or vibrant and trendy towns, the Croatian coast has it all.

Fascinating nature, a long chain of rugged islands of Croatia’s mountainous coast, an abundance of anchorages and a stable climate make Croatia a cruising haven with the perfect sailing conditions. For all those keen on privacy or those who prefer untouched nature Croatia offers Mediterranean wild beauty, warm colours with beautiful light, generous and fragrant vegetation. Its coast alternates cliffs and caves, rocky inlets, fine pebble beaches and majestic bays. Traveling to Croatia is fast and easy, within 2 hours by plane you can reach it from almost any corner of Europe.

Choose between different models of our charter management program

Different models of our charter management program bring different benefits, you can browse through them on the links below and see what suits you best.