Yachting World Partnership

Are you looking for a simpler approach to charter management? The partnership model of our Yachting World charter management program allows you to use the yacht for 4 weeks, including 2 weeks in high season while you do not have to worry about the yacht’s performance in charter. We as a charter company take care of all running costs.

The Yachting World Partnership model is intended for those who do not want to establish a company and actively participate in the yachts business operations, or to be more exact, those who do not want to have any cares/obligations regarding the yacht.

With the partnership model of our charter management, you get to use 4 owner’s weeks a season while you have no cares regarding the yacht and its performance in charter.

With this charter management model, you get to use the yacht while it is in our charter fleet and you own the yacht after 6 seasons in charter which is five and a half years. After that you can decide to sell the yacht, with our brokerage support, and with that reimburse your full initial investment meaning that you got to sail for free during the 6 charter seasons.

The partnership model enables you to carelessly enjoy your yacht each sailing season while you also end up owning the yacht after 6 seasons in charter.

Key benefits of yachting world partnership

  • no need to establish a company
  • you do not have to worry how the yacht will perform in charter
  • high maintenance standards ensure best resale value for your yacht regardless of its age
  • special purchase conditions for your yacht
  • easy sale or trade in with our brokerage support

Choosing your Yacht

With the Yachting World Partnership model, you get to choose from our selection of yachts equipped according to our specification. This usually involves the maximum number of cabins and options that are essential for charter.

You will be able to choose from Hanse Yachts, 45 feet and bigger and all Bali Catamarans models.

Owner’s weeks

You can use the yacht for up to 4 weeks including 2 weeks in high season. When using the owner’s week the owner is supposed to cover only the costs of yacht preparation and local taxes without paying the charter fee. Just call and book the vacation on the yacht – we will take care of everything else.

Who owns the yacht

We as a charter company own the yacht for 6 seasons (five and a half years) and after the end of that period the yacht ownership is transferred to you.


The investor needs to finance 55% - 60% of the yachts purchase price (depending on the boat model) while the charter company pays the rest. The investors share cannot be financed with a lease as the investor does not become an owner until the end of the 5 and a half year period. After 5 and a half years in the program the purchase of the yacht is fully financed and the investor becomes the sole owner of the yacht.