Try and buy option

Clear all doubts and experience your potentially new yacht firsthand before committing and final purchase.

As a yacht purchase is not an easy decision to make, often the only proper way to experience your new potential yacht is using it, with a lot of factors and small things, which can either make or break the deal for you. With the try and buy option you can feel and experience your dream yacht firsthand before a final commitment and purchase.

If you are a potential investor in the charter management program, it is also important to get an impression of the charter base, staff, and general service provided by us as a charter company. As well as to explore the sailing destination you are considering as a homeport for your new potential yacht. After you have spent a practical week on a sistership, you will probably have a few new questions and impressions for us to be discussed.

How does it work?

After you have arranged the buy and try option up-front with our sales team, the charter week is paid as usual. Should you decide to go for the purchase, this cost is deducted from the final purchase price of the yacht. We offer the entire range of Bali sailing catamarans and Hanse sailing yachts to be chartered from one of our three bases in Croatia located in Biograd na moru, Kaštela, or Dubrovnik.

*Only one charter week applies to this option and is limited to the Croatia Yachting fleet.