Yachting World Ownership

So, you want to be flexible in terms of choosing a yacht and its options, flexible in your holiday planning and the duration of our contract while you also want to make maximum return on your investment?  The Ownership model of our charter management program ticks all those boxes. 

With the ownership model of our charter management, you own the boat from the start and have complete control over it.

You would purchase the yacht in the name of your company and would be more actively involved in the yachts business operations. If you do not have a company in the EU, we would provide the service of establishing a company for you in Croatia. If you choose to finance the purchase with leasing through a Croatian company, a 35% down payment can be sufficient to purchase a yacht while the rest is paid by the leasing company. The charter income should cover the leasing annuities and the costs of maintenance, insurance and berth while, depending on the down payment amount and the chosen yacht model and specification, you can expect additional profit.

The ownership model enables you to choose any yacht model larger than 38 feet  and choose any specification that you prefer while it also offers the biggest discounts on the yacht’s purchase price.

Key benefits of yachting world ownership

  • excellent booking results, with more than 20 weeks per season (fleet average of 21 weeks/yacht)
  • financial security with insurance against loss of charter income
  • high maintenance standards ensure best resale value for your yacht regardless of its age
  • special purchase conditions for your yacht
  • high-quality aftersales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty
  • favourable financing conditions through affiliate leasing companies
  • transparent cash flow reports through constant insight in income and expenses
  • easy sale or trade in with our brokerage support

This is how income is shared

The charter income is shared in proportion 65%-35% in your favour.

Out of 65% of the charter income you finance:

  • annual berth
  • all-risk yacht insurance (casco) including insurance against loss of charter income
  • yacht maintenance

Out of 35% of the charter income we finance:

  • agency commission for sub-agents
  • marketing and promotion for the yacht
  • charter booking
  • coordination, reception and support for the charter guests

Choosing your Yacht

As an authorized dealer for many brands we can offer the whole range of new and used yachts on favourable terms.

When choosing a yacht, the final decision is yours, regardless of what specific model, number of cabins or equipment you choose. However, to make your purchase more favourable we will recommend the most profitable models according to our professional experience. Moreover, with detailed calculation of cost and income we will present the cost-effectiveness of particular yacht models in order to help you find the most suitable yacht that will match your needs.

Owner’s weeks

Within the charter season (from April 1st to October 31st) you are entitled to 10 owner’s weeks with maximum 3 weeks in July and August and maximum 3 consecutive weeks. You can book the owners weeks in advance. Bear in mind that the more weeks you use the less income you can expect. You can also use additional owner’s weeks outside of the charter season. We do not charge any commission for owner’s weeks except for the final cleaning and obligatory residence tax (1,3 EUR/person/night). Another advantage of having the yacht in charter management is that your yacht is always ready for your holiday at your arrival so you can sail out on the same day.

Yacht registration

The yacht must be registered under the Croatian or any other EU flag to be allowed to perform charter in Croatian waters. Registering it in a name of a EU company will allow you to get the full VAT refund.

When you choose to have your yacht registered in Croatia, we can handle the entire registration process for you.

Company registration and VAT

In case you buy the yacht in the name of a company, your company has the right to claim VAT reimbursement and that significantly affects the final price of the yacht. This means that you/your company will pay VAT according to our invoice and submit an official request for VAT reimbursement upon delivery of the yacht. If you would like to establish a company in Croatia, the process of founding a company is rather simple and we will handle the entire process for you.


Only for Croatian companies.

The simplest way for financing would be leasing with an initial payment of 35% of the purchase price incl. VAT. We have established close collaboration with all reputable leasing companies (Raiffeisen Leasing, OTP leasing, Erste Leasing, UniCredit) therefore we can provide you favorable lease conditions with an approximate interest rate of 6%. Also, we will support you through the entire process of getting a lease till the final registration of your boat. The most common lease financing program lasts for 60 to max. 72 months.

Profit tax

The profit tax in Croatia is 12%. However, the calculated depreciation of the yacht is considered an expense. The calculated depreciation can be set between 10% and 20% yearly (more than the actual depreciation) which will allow you to reduce the company’s profit to zero and end up paying no profit tax.