South Dalmatia is one of Croatia's most famous destination along with the city of Dubrovnik, as its capital. Often called the true Mediterranean pearl, Dubrovnik area is recognized by the picturesque towns, repleted with history and exquisite natural beauties, which surrounds the city and it is one special addition to its appeal. An iconic ancient fortification ruins can be found in the city, attesting to a long history of repelling invasions. Beside Dubrovnik, you can find rich historic heritage on the most known islands in this area: Korčula, Lastovo and Mljet, which are also favourite sailing destinations.

With its excellent location, overlooking the blue Adriatic waters, DUBROVNIK is one of the world's most magnificent cities to visit. It's listed as UNESCO world heritage site and one of the Croatia's most known destination. Don't miss visiting Dubrovnik city walls and the vibrant main street called Stradun. And for all those who enjoy in breath-taking panoramic views, a mountain Srđ is a must visit sight.

The charming town of Korčula, is famous for the fact it is a birthplace of the adventurer and traveller Marco Polo. While relaxing on northern part of island Korčula you will also enjoy in the view of peninsula Pelješac. Furthermore, the first national park in the Adriatic is placed right on the alluring island of Mljet. Unique vegetation and salted lakes are only one small part of what Mljet has to offer to sailors.


Sightseeing spots

With its extraordinary location and overlooking the Adriatic blue waters of the, DUBROVNIK is one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities. Listed as one of the several UNESCO world heritage sites in Croatia, this area is a destination that attracts guests from all over the world. Don’t miss visiting Dubrovnik’s iconic city walls and the main street Stradun and hill Srđ which is approachable by cable car.

Sailing Routes South Dalmatia


  1. Dubrovnik – Lopud (8,5 Nm)
  2. Lopud – Saplunara – Okuklje (15 Nm)
  3. Okuklje – Pomena (16 Nm)
  4. Pomena – Korčula (14 Nm)
  5. Korčula – Orebić – Prožura (27 Nm)
  6. Prožura – Šipanska luka (10 Nm)
  7. Šipanska luka – Sunj – Dubrovnik (16 Nm)