You have booked your yacht charter and are excited for your sailing holiday to begin. Before you arrive, here are a few things you should know to make your arrival and check-in go as smoothly as possible – so you start your holiday in the best possible way!


BEFORE you arrive to check-in…

Send us your crew list: It is important you get this information to us on time so we can prepare the boat for you and your crew. Your agent will send you a blank crew list or a link to fill out the form. If we do not receive a crew list before your check-in date, this could delay check-in. But don’t worry, we understand that last-minute changes can happen. If this is the case, our base staff will handle this on the day; it is just important to get your initial information to us before you arrive.

Send us your sailing and VHF licenses: we need to see your licenses before you arrive to confirm the validity of all licenses and to ensure that they are adequate for the type of yacht you are chartering. This is very important and will help avoid any unnecessary problems during check-in. One person on board also needs to have a valid VHF license.

Request an early check-in: if you have an early flight or would like to check-in earlier than our standard 5 pm, you can request an early check-in (1 pm).

Request extra equipment: if you wish to add extra equipment to your yacht charter, like a SUP or extra sails, be sure to request this BEFORE you arrive. This makes the check-in procedure smoother and ensures we have everything available and ready for you.

Arriving by Car: you can check whether there is guarded parking available within the marina facility, or research parking options available to you.

Arriving to the airport: you can arrange a transfer in advance through your agent or charter company. Otherwise, taxi and bus options are available directly from the airport.

PROVISIONING: if you are interested, there is an option to order your provisioning online with delivery directly to your boat! 


Upon Arrival…

Please arrive at our base office for check-in on time, and have the following prepared:

Check-in Procedure at the Base
Before boarding and setting sail, there is some administration we need to take care of. During this process we:

Once all of this is completed, our base staff will finalise all of the documentation and let you know when your boat is ready for embarkation. Your entire crew doesn’t need to be present for this initial part of the check-in process, you can send them for provisions or to sit and relax at a café.

Boat Check-in with our Technician

You’re almost ready to set sail, the last step in this process is going through the ‘boat check-in’ with our technician to ensure you understand everything on the boat, and that all of the equipment is in working order and correct.

Now, we are done with the check-in procedure. Once you have your provisioning and crew on board, you can release your bowlines and begin your sailing adventure!

We wish you good wind, calm seas and a beautiful holiday on our Adriatic.

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