This spring marks the highly anticipated launch of Hanse's latest flagship model, the Hanse 590, born from the more than successful collaboration with the renowned Berret-Racoupeau design team. A symbol of cutting-edge innovation and craftsmanship, this yacht is poised to elevate the sailing experience to new heights. 

Hanse 590.png
Hanse 590

Crafted with the needs of solo sailors in mind, the Hanse 590 offers unparalleled convenience and control. With all ropes conveniently located at the aft winches, navigating the boat becomes effortless, allowing single-handed sailors to command the yacht with ease. Below the deck, several design options await, ensuring that every inch of the yacht's interior is tailored to perfection. From the exquisitely spacious owner's cabin to the meticulously crafted living spaces, every detail exudes sophistication and comfort. 

Above deck, the Hanse 590 boasts a thoughtfully designed cockpit that prioritizes space and freedom of movement. The generous beam, extending right aft and forward, provides ample room for social gatherings and relaxation. With the helms positioned at the transom, the cockpit transforms into a sprawling social hub, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying the serenity of the open sea. 

Hanse 590 represents a peak of innovation and design in the sailing world. With its unmatched blend of performance, comfort, and convenience, this flagship model sets a new standard for sailing yachts. Whether cruising solo or entertaining guests, the Hanse 590 promises an unforgettable experience on the water, redefining the boundaries of sailing excellence. 

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