What is FLEX PLAN?

FLEX plan is an optional surcharge to the charter fee (onboard accommodation service) that allows the Charterer to cancel or change charter contract/reservation up to 60 days before the embarkation for no special reason.
FLEX plan costs 7% of the final charter fee for the Charterer as per official Croatia Yachting price list valid at the moment of booking.

How to purchase Croatia Yachting FLEX plan?

This surcharge can only be purchased when creating e new contract/confirming the new booking and cannot be added to an already existing contract. When Charterer pays for FLEX Plan surcharge, contracted charter price changes and is considered to be charter fee increased for FLEX surcharge.

What is payment plan scheduled for FLEX option?

What are special cancellation conditions for the clients who opt for FLEX plan?

Up to 60 days prior to embarkation Charterer can for no special reason cancel their contract. In that particular case they can choose one of the following options:

Within 7 days before the embarkation if the Charterer cancels the contract due to COVID-19 related reasons the following options are at disposal:

COVID-19 related reasons that entitle the client to choose from the options above are:

For any other cancellation reason, standard Croatia Yachting Terms and Conditions will apply.