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Elegance springs to life.

Set for the sun as never before enjoying a unique, handcrafted, custom experience. The only limits are the hours in a day, but even that is taken care of with top-tier performance to get you wherever you desire in moments. Sea-sports, diving, partying, family time, everything is covered and provided for, and more. Its aesthetics and spaciousness will amaze and spark unforgettable moments which you will gladly remember and share. We combined German precision of our experienced, professional staff with the pen of naval architect Bill Dixon to achieve the elegance you're now seeing.

A second home.

The modern design achieves a level of beauty that takes breaths away and energizes the soul adding a variety of astounding features. Natural sunlight bathes the entirety of the cruiser. From the spacious sun lounge to the seating/dining area over to the richly designed full beam master cabin, choose the right amount of light you need with shading options covering both parts of the deck opening from the roof. Around you is a 360 degree panoramic pleasure, offering unobstructed view and allowing for easier maneuverability. The C430 comes with a total of three cabins, making it a versatile second home, all furnished with premium materials. Variety follows suit; rich customization options for coloring, details, wooding, all the way to the cushioning.

Adventure seeking.

Show off your culinary skills and delicacies, and serve with cooled drinks. Refresh yourself with fresh, cooled water after a scuba diving session, or a fresh beverage with a grill, which is conveniently placed outdoor. All of this with a flick of a wrist thanks to the premium quality components used, and the many features making the driving of C430 a unique and effortless experience that you won't be able to get enough of. When the moon rises, revel in the artfully placed lighting throughout the cabin walls, flexible reading lights, as well as lighting throughout the exterior of the yacht. This includes the engine options, from the standard pair of two Volvo Pentas IPS400 at up to 25 knots, over to either the two IPS500's or the IPS600's ranging from 30 to 33 knots respectively. Breeze down with, or against the summer wind, and race with the perfect storm and unlock your full potential.

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from € 612.200


Technical Specification

Unique characteristics

LOA 13.55 m
Hull Length 11.73 m
Air height 4.80 m
Beam 4.20 m
Draft 1.15 m
Displacement 13.42 t
Standard engine 2 x Volvo Penta IPS500 HP
Engine 1 2 x Volvo Penta IPS600 HP
Fuel tank 1100 l
Fresh water tank 450 l
CE Certificate B-12
Sealine C430
Sealine C430
Sealine C430
Sealine C430
Sealine C430
Sealine C430
Sealine C430

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