Bali Catamarans

Bali Catamarans

Model Range

Choose from the revolutionary range of Bali Catamarans, from the exciting Bali Catspace to the luxurious Bali 5.4. All models are class leading in terms of living space, comfort and autonomy.

Pre-ordered Yachts

If you think that it is too late to buy a new yacht for this charter season than think again, we always pre-order a wide range of yachts for all of you that want to become a yacht owner at a short notice.

Used Yachts

Select a used yacht from our charter fleet, with special purchase conditions. They are all professionally maintained and in great condition while they are also fully equipped.

Need Help?

If you are interested in buying yacht or need help planning your perfect vacation, contact us and our experts will gladly answer to all of your questions.

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