Ryck 280 wins big in Berlin! 

At the BOAT & FUN BERLIN boat show prize ceremony held on Thursday, November 24, the stylish, fast, and safe Ryck 280 was awarded the Best of Boats 2022 Award, applauded as the best boat for beginners this year! The BOAT & FUN BERLIN named winners in four categories, and in addition to this award, the Best for Travel, Best for Fun, and Best for Family boats were also revealed. Europe’s top boating journalists from 16 countries selected the winners after testing the latest and most interesting motorboats, taking into account the specific needs of future boat owners. The Best of Boats Award is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the boating industry.

This award is especially exciting for the latest brand in the Hanse Yacht portfolio as it comes after the Ryck 280 won the Prix De L'Élégance at the Moteur Boat De L'Année 2021. This new, cool boat brand from Germany strives to offer vessels that are easy to drive and suit the owner’s needs - and with the hands of Hanse Yacht at the helm, you can expect nothing but the highest-quality boating experience around. 

Bravo to the Ryck 280! Here's to many more to come. 

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