We have one very important reminder - the Cannes Yachting Festival starts on September 12. For the last 46 years, this has been one of the largest and most famous nautical shows, presenting the latest technologies and trends in yachting. The festival will last until September 17 and will take place in Vieux Port and Port Canto. Motor boats will be located in the Vieux Port, and Ryck will also be located in a special part of it. Port Canto is reserved for sailing boats. Raise your bar of expectations high again this year, and you won't go wrong.

The Croatia Yachting team is very excited about this event and especially about those yachts which will be presented during the boat show.

Bali Catamarans have long been known in the nautical industry and enjoy great popularity. At this year's festival, the following will shine: Bali Catsmart, Bali 4.2, Bali 4.4,  Bali 4.8 and Bali 5.4.

The Hanse Yachts stands are always well attended, whether it is interest in motor boats or sailing boats. This year as well, Hanse 460 will be on display. For the first time at the Cannes Festival, you will have the opportunity to see the Hanse 510. But that's not all; this event will also be special for the world premiere of the Hanse 410 - a turning point that begins the era of environmentally conscious yachting. In addition to sailing boats, the Ryck 280, the first-ever model by the new Hanse Yachts brand, will also be on display!

Fjord Boats has deservedly reserved its place at this festival. The Scandinavian design and Mediterranean flair of the Fjord 53 XL, Fjord 44 Open, and Fjord 41 XL models will delight all connoisseurs and lovers of motor boats. Sealine also has its trump cards at the festival: the Sealine C390, which provides an experience of the true pleasure of being at sea, and the Sealine S335, providing the perfect combination of hedonism and satisfying adventurous needs.

Don't forget to contact one of our yacht sales advisors, who will be available to present the boats and have answers to all the questions of future yacht owners. Arrange a meeting and get a free entry ticket!


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