Founded in 2004, Croatia Yachting is a charter company dedicated to providing exceptional yacht charter services along the stunning Croatian coastline. With a fleet of modern and well-maintained yachts, our company caters to a diverse range of clients. We offer various options, including bareboat charters, skippered charters, and luxury crewed yacht services, ensuring a tailored experience for every customer. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction earned us a trusted name in the maritime industry.

Croatia Yachting Awards and Recognitions

Croatia Yachting was named the Best Charter Company in Croatia in 2023, 2022, and 2017. In 2023, we secured the Best Company in Nautical Tourism award and have been affirmed by the final Tourist Flower award in the Best Charter Company category, which we have received three times in previous years. On top of that, in 2018 we received a special recognition for developing and implementing the Best Quality Management System.

Authorized dealer for six prestigious yacht brands.

We take great pride in our recognition as one of the leading Croatian yachting companies. This status has been honoured by the Croatian Chamber of the Economy and Commerce with four prestigious awards:

Authorized Dealer for Leading Brands

We are proud to be authorized dealers for six prestigious yacht brands:

Additionally, we have twice been ranked in the top three dealers of the year for the Hanse group, highlighting our prominence in the industry. Our focus on awards highlights not only our achievements but also the brands we represent. For instance, the Hanse 460, one of our best-selling yachts, was awarded the European Yacht of the Year, with many others receiving nominations for various awards. These recognitions underline our commitment to offering only the highest quality yachts in the industry.

The Youngest and Most Diverse Fleet

By continually striving for excellence, we ensure an exciting experience for every client who chooses to sail with us. Celebrating 20 years of excellence in the nautical industry, our company proudly operates a dynamic charter fleet comprising 160 yachts. With strategic offices in six key locations we are positioned to serve our clients effectively across the Croatian coast.:

Commitment to providing Yachting at its best

Yachting at its best!

As a dealer for six yacht brands, in our 20 years, we have successfully sold over 375 yachts so far, creating a strong market presence and customer trust. With over 130.000 clients enjoying more than 16.600 charter weeks we create yachting experiences year after year.

Our team of 65 dedicated employees represents a balanced workplace. Their ongoing education and professional development keep them at the cutting edge of industry knowledge and trends. Their expertise is crucial in offering our clients the highest quality service and valuable insights.

From the moment of initial inquiry through to the end of the charter, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences. Whether providing expert advice, ensuring seamless operations, or offering prompt and professional support, our team is committed to making every client's yachting experience truly memorable.

Embracing the Future Success

As we celebrate this important milestone, we reflect on our journey and achievements with great pride. Our success comes from a foundation built on trust, quality, and commitment to surpassing our clients' expectations.

Looking forward, Croatia Yachting remains dedicated to its mission of providing "Yachting at its Best." As we continue to set sail towards the future, we are here to guide you every step of the way, whether you are seeking an award-winning charter experience or looking to invest and create unforgettable experiences.