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Reshaping the driving thrill.

The Fjord 44 Open offers an immersive experience in all conditions, and never fails to impress thanks to the unique, signature FJORD design which covers the entire range of our yachts. We set trends with a minimal, modern design that's as sleek to the eye as it is being helmed and steered, setting new levels of satisfaction and aesthetics. Amaze and be amazed with the smoothness of the controls and the precise maneuvering finesse. Unleash the power of the wave-cutting 40 knots, setting a pace for the first place, or the farthest place your glance sets upon, all in a moment.

Dynamic ambiance.

Everything around you is handcrafted and taken into account of her design, including the frameless windshield which blends the deck into panoramic view beautifully, complementing the clear, long lines finished with a vertical bow. All the while following the trademark design which invigorates audiences at each port and shore you dock at, or pass by. Experience your surroundings visually; shaded from the sun by a T-top roof which stretches out over the spacious seating area, as well as auditory; via a high quality entertainment sound system. A king-size sun lounger impresses and invites, while the wide berth design allows safe passage to the stern, featuring a bathing platform, lowerable at the flick of a switch. There's a free-standing shower right on the deck, for when you wrap up your sea session, reached via the conveniently placed ladder.

Mindfully fitted.

And now onto the inviting, king-sized cabin hosting an equally king-sized bed and a full range of necessities and luxuries. Sunrays liven up the cabin from all directions; the portlights as well as the hull and skylight window, along with an opening hatch. The toilet comes fully equipped with a shower and a separated shower seat, enriched by the coloured lightings placed throughout. It becomes truly unique once you customise it, choosing from a rich color palette spanning across high quality materials, wooding, and ranging from the exterior visage all the way to the cushioning. Express yourself to the fullest with the 44 Open, and be unique.

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a partire dal € 678.500


Specifiche Tecniche

Caratteristiche uniche

Cabine 1
Heads 1
LOA 13.45 m
Hull Length 11.99 m
Larghezza 4.25 m
Pescaggio 1.04 m
Dislocamento 9.57 t
Motore standard 2x Volvo Penta IPS500 CV
Motore 1 2 x Volvo Penta IPS 650 CV
Serbatoio di carburante 900 l
Serbatoio acqua fresca 295 l
Certificazione CE B
Fjord 44 Open
Fjord 44 Open
Fjord 44 Open
Fjord 44 Open
Fjord 44 Open

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